​​On May 9, 2018, critics and colleagues convened in room 1D of 40 Kirkland in Cambridge, MA to experience Cryosphere – an exhibition on geo-climatological research and the cold chain. Central to this exhibit was a single ice core, SP01-2 T58, extracted from the geographic South Pole in 2001 as part of a joint research program between the National Science Foundation-Ice Core Facility and Princeton University. This ice core has been stored at the NSF-ICF for the past 17 years, in a state of suspended animation.

At the time of this gathering the ice core, no longer within the safe confines of a freezer, had begun to melt – its water pooling in a collection vessel beneath the display apparatus. As the ice transformed into water, accelerated by the heat emitted by the bodies circled around the core, it signified one of the most contentious issues of our time – Anthropogenic global climate change and the ablation of the planetary cryosphere. Link to full 
publication HERE . 
KEITH HARTWIG, author/artist
in completion of Master of Design Studies, Harvard GSD

w/ thanks to
Mark Twickler, Science Director NSF-ICF
Richard Nunn, Assistant Curator NSF-ICF
Silvia Benedito,Thesis Adviser, Harvard GSD
Krzysztof Wodiczko, Thesis Adviser, Harvard GSD
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