Fifty years ago, the site now referred to as Barry’s corner was home to 71 families, whose houses were demolished or relocated during a four-year eminent domain battle. Today, physical traces of the sites contentious past are not evidenced in the landscape, but instead, remain within the fragmented recollections of those who once lived on the site or within the community's archives.

[Re]assemble explores the role of placemaking and interactive public art within the context of urban renewal. 71 modular units, each built in memoriam to a family who once inhabited Barry’s corner, will be placed on the site; lightweight and interlocking the design encourages others to participate in the planning and assembly of the installation. Each manifestation, and the events that unfold in tandem, will investigate the site’s storied past and unfolding future.
ANA LUIZA ADDOR, artist/designer
KEITH HARTWIG, artist/designer
MAIA PECK, architect/designer

  1. [RE]ASSEMBLE exhibit
    [RE]ASSEMBLE exhibit
  2. [RE]ASSEMBLE projections
    [RE]ASSEMBLE projections
  3. [RE]ASSEMBLE performance
    [RE]ASSEMBLE performance
  4. Barry's Corner Summer
    Barry's Corner Summer
  5. [RE]ASSEMBLE memorial
    [RE]ASSEMBLE memorial
  6. Barry's Corner Winter
    Barry's Corner Winter
  7. [RE]ASSEMBLE schematics
    [RE]ASSEMBLE schematics
  8. [RE]ASSEMBLE matrix
    [RE]ASSEMBLE matrix